Aevion was founded in the spring of 2009 to provide the very best in online graphic design information and resources. If you were looking around the web for an excellent online source of graphic design knowledge, demonstrations, and/or resources, you’re in the right place. We at Aevion, are dedicated in creating a community for anyone who is interested in the creative arts, and we hope that you’ll join us in our endeavor.

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If you feel that you are a good Photoshoper or equivalent, then you should consider contacting us. If your work is of decent quality and we feel it meets our requirements for the site, then we will be happy to display it for you. Your work will be offered as a free wallpaper download (like the rest of our wallpapers), so if you are not okay with that, then maybe you should reconsider.

Of course we welcome tutorial writers to publish tutorials with us (if they meet our standards). If you aren’t a Photoshop wiz, fret not–we are always open to thoughtful articles about anything relevant to graphic design. So, if you are a web developer for example, we would certainty love to have an article explaining something interesting about CSS, HTML, WordPress, jQuery, etc.

If you do write for us, you will be given an author page as well as an “About the Author” section under every post you submit. Both of these contain your avatar, name, bio, and a link to your website, twitter, etc. And if you have an article that becomes very popular and gets us a lot of extra traffic, you will probably even get a small payment.

We also conduct interviews now! If you are a talented artist who would like some free publicity in exchange for answering a few questions, then you should go ahead and send us a message using our contact form, and we’ll get back to you pronto!

If you have any questions about contributing, or you would like to submit an idea (wise to do before doing the work, in-case it isn’t what we are looking for, or it needs revision), go ahead and send us a message using our contact form. We will always respond to you (promptly) and either be thrilled with your concept, or offer suggestions on how to improve it before you get started.


We are trying to keep advertising to a minimum. We only have one large space available, because we are dedicated to providing you with quality content rather than bombarding you with ads.

We also have text link ads on the sidebar under “SPONSORED LINKS”. They are our cheapest ads, and they are site-wide ads. We are charging $5 a month for a text link. To find out more, visit our contact page to find out more and to place an order for an ad.

A great way to support us would be for you to buy a cheap ad for a month, which will get you some nice traffic while helping us out. Advertising on Aevion is provided through BuySellAds.

Our Founder

Hello my name is David Cox, and I am the founder of Aevion. Originally, I set up this blog to be my personal portfolio, but as I became more experienced with Graphic Designing, I began to get into writing tutorials. I have written numerous tutorials for, and I have been approved to write tutorials for both PsdTuts+ and Tutorial9 as well. It is because of my tutorials that I have gained both notice and praise in the field (for not only my writing, but also for my art). After only a year, I now consider myself to be a professional in what I do.

I am a really nice guy… if you need help learning photoshop, I am always happy to help. In the past people have emailed me questions and I’ve always emailed them back with possible solutions or referred them to someone who could help them more than I could. I am also interested in what readers have to say about this site, and if they have any feedback and/or suggestions for tutorials (both existing or possible future ones) or art that I create. You can (and I hope that you do) chat with me via the contact form, I am incredibly approachable I promise :).

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We only release content that we feel meets our high standards, and being a small company, we don’t release content very quickly. If you would like to stay on top of our updates and releases, then we suggest signing up for our Newsletter so you never miss a thing!

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