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Fringe Tutorial Blender Project File

Downloading Instructions 1. Click the link above that says “Download Link” 2. This will download a zip file 3. Unzip the folder, and you should then have downloaded my blender file that I used for my Fringe Tutorial. If you have any questions or problems downloading this song, then please leave your questions in the...

FRINGE Tutorial is Published!

Hello people. I’ve recently written a new tutorial to achieve my latest and greatest FRINGE Wallpaper, and it has now been published.
Tron Legacy Tutorial Has Been Published

Tron Legacy Tutorial Has Been Published

Alright, my newest tutorial has been posted up on Photoshop Tutorials.
New Tutorial – Tron

New Tutorial – Tron

I submitted my second tutorial a while ago, and it was published just yesterday (November 13). The tutorial explains how I created my TRON style grid.

I Am A Published Tutorial Writer

I can’t believe that I forgot to do this immediately when I heard that it was published, but I guess in my surge of excitement, I simply forgot. Anyway, here is a link to the tutorial over at Photoshop Tutorials.