Hey guys, this is a special day. I have been toiling away for the past week working on an awesome new project, Bamefi!

Bamefi is a unique site, because it is a hybrid of a social networking site with a job board. It allows users, to post band openings, and search for band openings, all the while allowing users to contact one another via the same website.

Now, this is a graphic design blog, so I’ve got to at least tell you some of the web stuff related to it. First off, this site is powered by wordpress, and it is running buddypress on top of that. I have also found a few great plug ins that allowed me to do all of the functions that I needed.

For the design aspect of things, I tried to keep it very simple, and clean. I took some design cues from the new Twitter, and mixed them with a few of my own. The end result is a user friendly dream, and it looks great.

Check it out everyone, even if you don’t want to start a band, you can admire the site from a website’s perspective. It’s a beauty, and I hope that Bamefi will really take off and become an incredibly popular website!

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