I realize that there are a lot of articles out on the web of how you can improve your site’s Alexa ranking, but I thought I’d go ahead and make one myself. I have actually applied these steps, and they definitely do help.

Things To Remember

  1. Alexa is a flawed system. It is unfortunate that we have to care about Alexa, but it is a fact that a lot of advertisers use the Alexa system to judge how popular your site is… so we’re stuck with it for now.
  2. Advertisers look at your Alexa rank as the first measure of how popular your site is, so you want a better Alexa ranking for sure.
  3. You CAN “fool” Alexa… it is a terrible system, you shouldn’t be surprised that you can do this!

Stuff You Can Do

  1. Get the Alexa Toolbar for your browser, and visit your site regularly with that browser. This is probably the most important step, because this will actually allow Alexa to receive data every time you load your website, when it would have otherwise never known about all of those visits before you had the toolbar installed.
  2. Register your site. You can go to Alexa.com and register your website by placing some code, and it verifies it real quickly. It is a way to let Alexa know that your site is legitimate, and not just another name without a face.
  3. Submit a review for your website on Alexa.com. It is quick, and easy, and it is just another way to let Alexa know that you exist.
  4. Post better content and get more views. It is obvious that you would want to actually get more traffic rather than just appearing to have a lot of traffic. You an do that by posting more interesting content that readers will want to look at, and come back for in the future. This is a long term step, but certainly one that you should aim for. I understand that you might want a quick and dirty fix for your Alexa rank, but maintaining your lie of a ranking will be a hassle, and this way you won’t have to.

There are more that I’ve read, but they don’t seem like they would do anything, but I can tell you for sure that these DO WORK. I’ve done them to Aevion.net, and my Alexa ranking has dropped from over 2 million to 1 million in one week, and then again from 1 million to half a million in the next week. I would definitely recommend these steps if you want a better Alexa ranking, and they really work.

I want to point out that in the long run, you want to create quality content, and not rely on these “hacks” to make Alexa give you a better ranking. However, if your site is the millions, this will help you out, and I understand if right now, you just want a better ranking. And until Alexa is replaced, or renovated, we all have to put up with this terrible system, so you might as well know how to do well in it.

Let me know in the comments if you have other steps that work for sure (not speculation please, only ones that you’ve actually tested) and I’ll add them to the list if they are legitimate. You can also comment on your success stories if you’d like to brag a bit :)

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