For some reason, everyone seems to want to know how to get their comments ranked up on YouTube, or Yahoo Answers or whatever the hell they are commenting on. Why? I’m not quite sure, but once you get a bunch, other people tend to look at your comment and click “like” without much thought at all.

Whether or not you have a good reason for wanting to boost your comments or not, here is the secret to getting a ton of thumbs ups on YouTube:

Step 1 – Comment

Log in, go to a video, and leave a comment. It is very important not to forget this step :)

Step 2 – Refresh

You may have to refresh the page in order to see your comment in the comments section. If not, then skip this step.

Step 3 – Cheat

Hit the thumbs up button for your own comment.

Step 4 – Refresh and Repeat

Hit the refresh button, and thumbs it up again. Keep on doing this as often as you like, there is no time limit that I’ve come across, so you can have around 20+ thumbs ups within a minute of commenting (depending on how fast your crack fingers are).

Step 5 – Enjoy

That’s all there is to it… not much of a secret anymore, but if you ever wonder how some people have so many thumbs ups, they are probably doing something like this… at least at first until other people start helping you out like I mentioned earlier. Have fun with this tip, and please share below if you found it helpful. Thanks!