I am always on the look out for great WordPress themes for my blog, and I have literally tried out hundreds of them, and I’ve probably used around 50. Free themes are great, but a lot of the time they seem to be lacking in the features department. But here are 5 Free WordPress themes that break the mold, and go far beyond what other free themes will offer you, and in some cases, they might even have more options than some Premium themes.

1. Mystique

Mystique is a superb free WordPress theme. It comes with tons of options for you to sift through and choose, and it also is packed with features that you typically don’t see on free themes. Not only does Mystique come with so many goodies, but it also has a great user interface for you to look at all the options. DigitalNature has done a fantastic job with this theme.

2. Arclite

Arclite is another free WordPress theme from DigitalNature, and it is just as incredible as Mystique. It too, comes with more options to choose from than I have seen on any other Free theme (besides Mystique — that’s a tie).

3. FolioPress

FolioPress is a great free WordPress theme with options such as a featured slider, which lets you pick between categories to display. It has other options as well, but the featured content slider is the coolest.

4. NewsPress

NewsPress is a unique theme, but really nice nevertheless. It uses some smooth effects, and comes with all the options you need.

5. Chronicle

Chronicle is a cool theme that uses a magazine style layout as opposed to the standard 2 column blog. It also has lots of options that you can choose from to customize this theme to your liking.